(3oz) Pop-Top Cans – 6Pack


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  • One-by-one caught by fishers in the Maldives and the North Pacific.
  • Coded and traceable back to vessel level.
  • Sourced independently to benefit the one-by-one fishing communities that harvest the tuna.
  • Premium skipjack and albacore tuna, not other fish or preservatives.
  • 100% responsibly and sustainably sourced from MSC certified fisheries
  • Custom processed & labeled for maximum transparency & safety.
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2 reviews for (3oz) Pop-Top Cans – 6Pack

  1. Yelena Piazza (verified owner)

    My cat is going crazy when she hears the can lid pop! My Rosie loves this fish. I love the low level of mercury. Unfortunately, I did not find this cat’s food on Amazon.

  2. Jennifer C Smith (verified owner)

    I found Cat’s Fish at our grocery store and bought a three pack. My three cats have been pretty meh about their food lately and they like fish so I thought I’d give it a try. They went CRAZY!! There was nothing left in their bowls, they were licked clean! I immediately went online to find the website to order more & I am so pleased that it’s the same price as the food I already buy. Glad I discovered this! Thanks for a great product!!

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