The Cats Fish is a premium canned tuna cat food that literally has no equal. During creation of canned tuna for humans a certain amount “red meat” tuna goes unused even though it is human edible, it just doesn’t taste very good, to humans that is. So we take this tuna and put it in a can just for cats, the only additive being a mandatory vitamin pack to make it a complete and balanced meal for cats. Cats go crazy for this tuna, buyer beware. Premium red meat pole & line tuna caught by American & Maldivian pole & line tuna fishermen. MSC certified sustainable, traceable, 3rd party audited, tested safe, and labeled with the name of the fishery.¬†Remember, do not eat this cat food cause it’s not for you, its The Cats Fish.

Why Everybody Loves Our Tuna

Premium Quality

We source only the most premium pole & line tuna from MSC certified sustainable fisheries in the Maldives and the American pacific northwest, custom processed and labeled for maximum transparency & safety.

MSC Certified Sustainable & 3rd Party Audited Traceable

Show Me the Fishermen

Lots of brands make claims of sustainability & safety but can’t show your a fishermen or tell you the origin. We do all of that & more, check the About section for more info.